0​-​1​-​0​-​1 (And so on​.​.​.​)

from by Auspex



0-1-0-1 (And so on...)

Draw my wills, make me see,
Release the phantom that I will seek,
Grow the cancer inside of me,
Channel the pulse that makes me be.

Caress my skin, be the pressure,
I’m holding tight the rope of pleasure.
I’m moving on a shallow frame,
That vanishes in a drop of you.

Challenge the god inside of me
Be the turmoil...I am the sheep.
I am a widow, I am a grief.
Am I a stone in the mountain of fullfilment ?

I won’t scrabble around for the ice and the sand,
No I won’t worship your homogenous stare,
I will kneel before the tunneled gift,
for you and me are made the same.

Product / goal / creation / mirror
Product / goal / creation / mirror

Raise a ruler on the Human bleak
Hang a lover on a dead tree.
Put yourself in me as I pour myself over you
Pick up a feeling before yout can’t see.

dream / maker / lost / creator / god
dream / maker / lost / creator / god
fantasies are now the tracks to be followed

To be followed

Blow the vivid horn before you can’t speak,
Be the falling dot before you can’t think
I will chase the scorn until you can’t blink
Thought you turned it on, but the heat is meat...

entity /growth / remedy / thorns
entity /growth / remedy / thorns
the new depth is about to unfold

'bout to unfold

The maker has been sipped and scattered
As the cure fades outside of the body
They lost the proof you locked in curves
You turned blind while burying apathy.

master / panic / forlorn / frantic
master / panic / forlorn / frantic

Creator, relic... (a) model will keep a sensation of beeing
Coward god, culprit... mightiest goal for the tiniest doll to reprieve
Shape of mud, walking... a cry at dawn is a new day begging for sleep
Creation, belief... a life has died for another one to begin

Creator, relic, keep a sensation of beeing
Coward god, culprit, for the tiniest doll to reprieive
Shape of mud, walking, is a new day begging for sleep
Creation, belief, for another one to begin


from Heliopause, released October 10, 2010
Music : Py.Brun / Lyrics : A.Potié



all rights reserved


Auspex Grenoble, France

There is a border, an edge, a frontier, a limit...
Beyond, there lies a system.

What if truth was made up of different realities ? Auspex will present its own...

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